Journeys Café


OMG – No napkins, no straws, no disposables? What kind of a cafe is this?

FYI — This is the way of things to come… we are practicing NOW what will be int he NEAR Future – a legal and moral requirement for all food outlets to save the planet.

Hotel Food Service is usually associated with food waste and trash. Tissue paper, Styrofoam, and a host of plastic throwaways: straws, plastic cups, plastic bottles fill the trash bins of hotels everyday.

At West Gorordo Hotel, we have deliberately set up our food service to minimize, if not eliminate throwaway packaging, and reduce food waste to practically zero. If any, food waste can be handled by our in house bio-recyclers: turtles, fish & effective microbes. We are proud of this.

Our food service may seem old-fashioned with breakable glasses, ceramic plates, cloth napkins, ‘real’ cutlery – but these are all meant to make our service sustainable.

Buffet service is another generator of wasted food for most hotels. Thus, to steer away from this wasteful practice, we at West Gorordo Hotel have adapted a special limited service menu. We keep our menu simple and limited because our location already affords you easy access to unlimited dining options. Thus, it seems redundant to offer you an expanded menu. When in Rome, do as the Romans do… so at West Gorordo Hotel, we only offer you local food so while you’re in Cebu, you can dine like a Cebuano!!!

We know that once understood, our practices will no longer be frowned upon as out of date, but rather welcomed and appreciated as ‘the’ wise choice to be Earth friendly.



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