Guest Reviews

Reviews on our “Zero Carbon” Initiatives

“Zero Carbon” refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset and is used in the context of carbon dioxide releasing processes. (Wikipedia)

Zero-CarbonThe SWITCH-Asia “Zero Carbon Resorts” project of the European Union seeks to enable tourism SMEs, such as hotels and resorts, to provide their energy services in an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sound way.



  • The “Zero Carbon” Initiatives is very good. It can help a lot in reduction and can contribute to have a good environment.
  • It’s very good to advocate for the “Zero Carbon” Initiatives! I contributed to the eco-friendly practices of the hotel by closing my lights and aircon when not needed.
  • I love it! As an environment and social justice activist, I want others to do the “Zero Carbon” Initiatives, too.
  • I wanted to write and offer my heartfelt appreciation to your staff for making my stay at the West Gorordo a lovely experience. They gladly assisted me with so many things. They explained how to get my laundry done, where to get good snacks when the café was closed, they charged my mobile phone and gave me tips for getting around the city. They made my stay a wonderful experience.


  • Nice and accommodating staff. The Zero Carbon Initiatives is definitely a good idea cause you prevent Mother Earth’s destruction.
  • I’m totally satisfied with the whole condition here. Thank you! I think the Zero Carbon Initiatives is wonderful. Environmental consciousness is getting important more and more. I contributed to the eco-friendly practices by removing the socket from the wall every time I leave the room.


A night here should lift your spirits with motivational art a standard in all rooms, along with soft comfy beds, magazines and free wi-fi going a long way too.


“Return Customer”
New York, USA, June 2014

My wife and I have stayed at West Gorordo a couple of times.The staff is friendly and were more than accommodating.The rooms were clean and comfortable. You can walk to the mall or to many restaurants. Were looking forward to our next stay in December 2014 or March 2015.

“Nothing fancy nor frou frou, but a very pleasant place to stay”
Manila, Philippines, May, 2012

I got wind of West Gorordo Hotel because of I’ve gone through hundreds of choices and reviews for a place to stay when my friend and I went to Cebu City last February. Some of the reviews I read at the time were spot-on–it’s a decent hotel sans amenities and frills–in a good way.

Aside from being one of the most affordable hotels in Cebu, West Gorordo has a very efficient and friendly staff that would be glad to assist you in your queries.

(…) The hotel is near most establishments, like the Ayala Center Cebu. Across it, there are two coffee shops if you need to have your caffeine fix. There is a (purified) water dispenser at the hallway should you need to drink up. If you need a hair dryer, you can ask for it at the reception. Should you wish to ask for a Cebu city tour, the guys at the reception are more than willing to give you contacts and numbers.

Checking in at an early time was also not a problem for us–they easily accommodated us upon arrival (we were there at around 7am).

Overall, it was a very pleasant stay for us.

So if you’re up to seeing Cebu especially if you’re within a budget (and without being shortchanged), then West Gorordo Hotel is for you. It’s simple, unassuming, and peaceful. Like the city itself.

“Top Notch Service!”
Davao, Philippines, March 2012

We arrived in Cebu at 4 am and our next flight was at 7 pm. Needed a place to stay in while waiting for our flight. Checked with several hotels and all of them would not let us check in at 4 am and check out late in the afternoon. Looked through tripadvisor and found the page for this hotel. Gave them a call and they were so accommodating. We missed our flight and we called the hotel again. They let us stay the night even though we’d already checked out. There was already a cab waiting to take us to the airport when I returned the key to the receptionist. I will never forget how great their service is and how helpful their employees are. Thanks again.

“Eddie J — Highly Recommends Gorordo”
Norfolk, Virginia, January 2012

Stayed a week. Found staff to be very friendly and smiling, hotel very clean and location — great (near Ayala and SM malls and IT park). Moreover, room rate very affordable and competitive. Enjoyed my stay very much.

Gaga for Gorordo”
Pasig, Philippines, October 2011

West Gorordo Hotel is one of my favorite hotels in Asia! Warm, efficient hotel staff welcome you when you get there. Located in Cebu City, it’s near Ayala IT hub and other business areas. Ayala mall is in one end, SM mall is in the other.

I’ve been here more than 3 times, I think. It’s always my choice in Cebu City.


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