Our Resident Turtles @ West Gorordo Hotel

Our Resident Turtles

Meet our long staying guests-
at West Gorordo Hotel…

are known to symbolize
patience, wisdom and long life.
They are characterized
as slow, shy
and unassuming creatures.

We have chosen to host them
in our mini-ecosystem
as a constant reminder
of the values
that they embody
and that we commit to emulate.

In the hospitality enterprise,
we choose not to compete
but to provide constant,
sensible and reliable quality
that can be sustained for many years.

The red-eared slider
(Trachemys scripta elegans),
also known as red-eared terrapin,
is a semiaquatic turtle
belonging to the family Emydidae.
It is a subspecies of the pond slider.
It is the most popular
pet turtle in the  world.
It is native to the southern 
United States and northern Mexico.
They inhabit areas with source of still,
warm water, such as ponds, lakes, swamps,
creeks, streams, or slow-flowing rivers.
They live in areas of calm water
where they are able to leave the water easily
by climbing onto rocks or tree trunks
so they can warm up in the sun.

It is our hope
that you will be inspired
by the wisdom
of these gentle creatures
and be reminded
to slow down,
live a simple life,
keep your load light
and trod gently
on this planet.


The KOI Peacepond (pun intended)

The KOI Peacepond (pun intended)


It wasn’t so long ago
in wartime (WWII) Cebu,
when hearing somebody scream
“Naana ang mga Hapon!”
(The Japanese are here)
alerted everyone to run
and hide or suffer
the chance of rape, torture and death.

(Hello! How are you?)
Meet our long staying Japanese residents…
no need to run and hide
because they are peaceful
and playful beings.

means “carp” in Japanese.
It is also a homophone
for another word
that means “affection” or “love”.

Thus, the koi is a Japanese symbol
of love and friendship.
And at West Gorordo Hotel,
we have embraced it
as a symbol of “peace” as well.

The Koi Peace Pond
is here to remind us
of the sanctity
of our harmonious co-existence
and interdependence
with our fellow human beings.

The Koi
are not only fun to watch
as they feed and play,
but they also serve
a very important role
in our mini ecosystem.
They are omnivores
and act as bio-recyclers.
They eat algae and insects
and their waste in the water
provide nutrients
for the plants in the garden.

Peace be with you.