The West Gorordo Staff 2014



2013 Earth Day Festival – Programme


21 April 2013, 6am

Organizer: Critical Mass Cebu, c/o Rye Kido
Meet Up: West Gorordo Hotel
Presentor: Movement for a Livable Cebu
Major Sponsor: West Gorordo Hotel

Major Sponsor will provide:

  • Coffee before ride
  • Lugaw after ride
  • 12 Prizes
  • Major Prizes: One Bike, One Skateboard
  • Minor Prizes: Water bottles, T-shirts, GCs, Frizbee
  • Venue for Film Showing & Group Dynamics

22 APRIL 2013, Monday

  • 7 am Free YOGA with Free Vegetarian Breakfast. c/o Jeanne Torrefranca

Door Prizes: yoga mats, towels, shirts, water bottle.

  • 1030 am OPENING: Earth Day Green Festival

with Program c/o Joel Lee & Johanna Estremos

  • 12 nn Lunch + Door Prizes
  • 1130nn Pressco
  • 1-4 pm – Workshops


Registration: At the Lobby

Green Hotel Tour c/o Ann Gutierrez
(3 tours x 30 mins each: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm)

Green Film Screening c/o Michael Anero

  • Story of Stuff, Story of Change
  • Blue Gold
  • Future of Food
  • Age of Stupid

Vertical Gardening c/o Youth for a Livable Cebu

Natural Farming Techniques c/o Food Security

  • Effective Microbes
  • OHN

Paper Charcoal Techniques + Rocket Stove c/o Vincent Sevilla

Crafting c/o Pegie Adlawan @ 2nd Floor

Greening your Health c/o Savitri

  • 230 pm Proposed Presscon for Results of MLC Survey
  • 330 pm Local Superfood Snacks

Closing of Green Solutions Workshops with Door Prizes

  • 430 pm Justice German Lee Jr. LEADERSHIP AWARDS with Program
  • 6 pm Dinner c/o Journeys Cafe
  • 630 pm Start Drum Performance c/o Maddu & Ananda Marga 0949.672-2950 Savitri
  • 645 pm CLOSING EVENT: Lighting of Fire & Fire Dance

2nd Kabilin Fest – Programme

Int’l Museum Day & Heritage Celebrations
17-18 May 2014

Paulina Constancia Museum of Naîve Art [MoNA]
West Gorordo Hotel, Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines


May 17, Saturday
Kick-off Presentation

6 PM – Opening of “Moments of Motherhood”                                           
Traveling Mixed Media Art of Paulina Constancia


May 18, Sunday

6-9 AM Tindak Sugbo (Bike Cebu)
“Suroy sa Care Services for Aged, Women & Children”

1:00 to 4:30 PM
2nd Kabilin Fest Interactive Workshops and Talks


– Learn how to make traditional toys: Shatong, Sigay, Karatong
– Learn how to play traditional Filipino games: Sungka, Lastikohay, Tubig-Tubig, Bato-Lata


– KAKANIN : Learn how to make Filipino snacks
– PINOY VEGETARIAN: Learn how to make vegetarian Dinuguan, Kare-kare, etc.
– AYSKRIM: Learn how to make traditional Filipino ice cream


– Learn how to play Ukelele
– HUNI SA DUYAN : Learn how to sing Filipino Lullabies and Folk Songs
– TRADITIONAL MINDANAO MUSIC: Learn how to play Traditional Mindanao Instruments


BORDA: Lean how to stitch your initials


– An Overview of the Rights of Women & Children in the Philippines
– An Overview on the Violation of the Rights of Children in Cebu
– An Overview on the Violation of the Rights of Women in Cebu


Utok Pinoy: Ngano Kaha? – Pinoy Satire written by Edna Lee


TINDAK SUGBO: The Bike Culture of Cebu


PINTADO ART (Tattoo Art): Get your traditional Filipino henna tattoo


ARNIS: Philippine Martial Arts



4:30 End of Workshops

Snacks & Closing Ceremony


  1. Dominic “Madhu” Asio
    Traditional MINDANAO MUSIC
    Maharlika Artists Writers Federation
  2. Pierre “Pikoy” Famador
    Traditional Puppetry and Tattoo
  3. Dr. Madrileña “Madz” de la Cerna
    Philippine Folklore Specialist
    University of the Philippines Cebu

West Gorordo Hotel’s Permeable Pavement & Meandering Walkway


WGH Permeable Pavement & Meandering Walkway

Looks like an unfinished driveway…

they are so cheap,

they cannot afford to cement the whole driveway…

• Why is the gravel loose?

• What is the use of the snake like path?

Cebu is experiencing the intrusion of salt water

into its water table,

but many people do not seem to realize

the gravity of this situation.

Ninety six percent 96% of water used in Metro Cebu

comes from ground water extraction.

Ground water is recharged when it rains.

However, rapid urbanization

has resulted in the concreting of sidewalks and driveways

causing the abundant run-off of rainwater

to flow straight to the sea

and preventing natural groundwater recharge.

Thus, the salt-water intrusion problem

will continue to worsen

unless we all cooperate

to find ways to stop or reverse

the precarious water situation of Metro Cebu.

For a time,

there was even talk

of piping in fresh water from Bohol,

however improbable that solution may be.

What are we doing about Cebu’s water situation???

In our own simple but effective way,

we know we are helping recharge the water table of Cebu.

Concreting a driveway

seals the ground

and prevents the absorption of water back into the water table.

By using a single sized gravel aggregate,

rain water can seep through the gravel

and return to the water table.

If only every business or home

would establish a groundwater recharging point,

the impending water crisis of Cebu may still be averted.

For almost 18 years,

we had a fully concreted driveway.

However, when we initiated the eco-renovations

of our building in 2008,

we boldly demolished it

to make way for a permeable pavement.

That expensive demolition decision

had the singular purpose

of allowing rainwater to percolate back into the water table.

We first experimented with replacing the concrete

with a permeable paver.

However, the pavers broke

because they could not bear the weight of the cars.

We replaced them with single sized gravel aggregates.

The driveway just in front of the hotel

is a unique design that immediately challenges common thinking.

The meandering path of our driveway

actually serves several purposes;

it keeps the gravel from being carried away

by the vehicles that drive through,

at the same time it serves as a walking path

for high-heeled pedestrians.

It also provides an interesting visual pattern

based on the natural path of a meandering river

that children and adults can enjoy tracing with their feet.

Our unfinished looking driveway-

is an example of a low-tech solution

to Cebu’s fresh water supply problem…

West Gorordo Hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program

 29  31

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Cultivating Self-Reliance via In Reach & Out Reach Programs

As a mission-based business,
corporate social responsibility
and profitability are factors
in our every business decision.

We are “Permapreneurs”,
meaning Permaculture-Inspired Entrepreneurs
working towards a greater synergy of our diverse passions.
We believe in Interdependence.
We Care for the Earth.
We Care for People and
We Care for the Future.

We carry out our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
by following the Permaculture Ethics in our business
and by sharing our experiences with the community.
Everyone in the company (at all levels)
have chosen to contribute to this CSR.

CSR: In reach Program (within the organization)
The Professional staff serving you
undergo a unique continuing education program
in sustainable hospitality
and geo-tourism:
Geotourism is tourism that sustains,
or even enhances, the geographical character of a place,
such as its culture, environment, heritage,
and the well-being of its residents.

What makes GEOTOURISM unique?
• It promotes a virtuous circle whereby tourism revenues
provide a local incentive to protect what tourists are coming to see,
but extends the principle beyond nature and ecology
to incorporate all characteristics that contribute
to sense of place, such as historic structures,
living and traditional culture, landscapes, cuisine,
arts and artisanry,
as well as local flora and fauna.
• It incorporates sustainability principles:
“do-no-harm ethic” and focuses on the place as a whole.
The idea of enhancement allows for development
based on character of place,
rather than standardized international branding,
and generic architecture, western food, and so on.

Here are some of our In-Reach CSR Training Program topics:
• Permaculture Design Course PDC
• Appropriate Technology:
Rocket Stove, Composting Toilet
• Grow your own food:
Organic, Container, Edible Gardening
• Disaster Preparedness and Response
• First Aid Training
• Cultural and Heritage Studies
• Universal Values Formation
• Anti-Human Trafficking Educational Campaign

CSR: Outreach Program
We, the Management Team together
with the Professional Staff serving you at all levels
have committed to building relationships
with the community by sharing our knowledge
about what we love- care for earth, people and future.

Here are some of our Out-Reach CSR Training Program topics:
• Permaculture and Sustainability Education
• Health and Wellness
• Laughter Yoga
• Drum Circle
• Nature Adventures
• Mangrove Seed Hunting and Planting
• Expressive Arts
• Small Family Business Administration

If you have enjoyed your stay with us,
and if you believe in the good
that we are doing for our staff, guests and community –
we encourage you to support us
by staying with us regularly and telling your friends
and colleagues about our place and causes.
You are also welcome to support us
by means of donating your time, talent & treasure
to any of our in-reach and outreach CSR programs.

Sustainable Housekeeping @ West Gorordo Hotel

10643266_10202957629450194_715249044_n 10654156_10202957629050184_914379435_n

Sustainable Housekeeping

At West Gorordo Hotel,
we always strive
to put our best foot forward…
and that includes
our back –of- the- house operations…

We are continually enhancing
our housekeeping practices
to become more sustainable
and earth-friendly.

We are guided by our
5R transition model:
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Restore.

We have banned
the use of aerosol sprays
and done away with unnecessary chemicals
and minimized the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.

The cleaning of toilet floors
and walls are done with a semi-dry method,
reducing the waste of water
and shortening room make-up time.
Our staff is comfortably attired
in Bermuda shorts and simple tops.
Their uniform helps them
work with more ease and efficiency
and it is also simple to maintain.

Reusable Cloth laundry bags
have eliminated the use of plastics
to pack and move laundry
to and from the washing facility.

Old bath towels
are repurposed as bath mats,
kitchen towels and rags.
Newspapers are reused
as trash bin liners.
Pre-segregated room trash
is directed to the appropriate recycling sites.

Thank you for your patronage.
We commit
to continually greening our practices
here at West Gorordo Hotel.

Enjoy your earth-friendly stay with us!

The Folk Art of Paulina Constancia

The Folk Art of Paulina Constancia

We at West Gorordo Hotel

believe that art opens the heart,

feeds the spirit

and supports our well-being.

We bring you

the folk art of Filipino-Canadian artist

Paulina Constancia.

Her art is characterized by a naive style,

in which traditional rules of proportion

and perspective are not employed.


joyful–herart warms the heart,

feeds the mind and enriches the spirit.

Paulina says:

“Art is not an inclination,

it is part of our “Being”.

Art is merely a manifestation

of our awareness of what is inside

and around us.

So in my art,

I am simply being true

to what I see and feel… “

Central to all her creations

is the message of LOVE –

Love for self, love for others;

the love of solitude

and the love of communion.

There’s the love of nature

and life’s simple joys.

And with this message

comes her personal love

of experimenting and learning.

Thus, her work is constantly evolving.

She finds great delight in exploring various media.

Her creative journey

has led her to designing fashion,

composing music, hand building with clay,

telling stories on tiles, painting quilts,

making an assemblage of found metals,

painting with words, and many more.

The journey continues…

Paulina Constancia,

is an artist and poet with a penchant for experimentation.

Her creative spirit

delights in painting with acrylics

as it does with words.

She has trained in the fields of

Fashion Design (El Camino College, California),

Communications (St. Theresa’s College, Cebu, Philippines),

Sculpture (Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California),

Crafts (Insituto Allende &

Centro Cultural de Bellas Artes-

both in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico),

Spanish Language and Culture (University of Calgary, Canada).

She has exhibited her art and poetry

in the Philippines, the Netherlands,

Mexico and in various cities in the U.S. and Canada..

She has published

a bilingual collection of poetry

called “Open Arms/Brazos Abiertos” (2003)

which has four parts:

I- Alegrías Sencillas/Simple Joys,

II- Sobre la Naturaleza/On Nature,

III-Vida y muerte/Life and Death and

IV-Cosas de Amor/All About Love.

Her second book-

a bilingual collection of short stories called

“Cuentos Hispanofilipinos”(2009)

features four light-spirited

and comical stories namely:

The Chinese Man Goes to Mass,

The Monkey and the Scientist,

Tatang Goes to New York

and The Apostle.

Paulina’s artworks

are part of distinguished private

and institutional collections

such as: schools, children’s hospitals,

orphanages, health facilities, convents,

community centres in the Philippines

and other countries.

In Cebu, Philippines

her works may be publicly viewed

at the following permaculture-inspired hotels and sites:

The Mayflower Inn (A Heritage and Permaculture Inspired Hotel),

Elicon House (A Conservation and Permaculture Inspired Hotel),

West Gorordo Hotel (An Essence and Permaculture Inspired Hotel),

Kamagayan Green Zone (An Urban Permaculture Development Site)

and the Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm.

Paulina has conducted

arts and crafts workshops

to child refugees, immigrant women,

homeschooled children in the US and Canada;

and to street children, orphans, mothers,

teachers and school children in the Philippines.

She continues to make herself available

to teach and inspire

about art as a practical and powerful medium

for self-discovery and empowerment.

We hope that Paulina Constancia’s art

will serve as a reminder for all of us

to be in touch with our inner spirit

and enjoy the simple joys in life!

Check out her website and blogs:

Her ‘Utok Pinoy’ illustrations: