Sustainable Housekeeping @ West Gorordo Hotel

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Sustainable Housekeeping

At West Gorordo Hotel,
we always strive
to put our best foot forward…
and that includes
our back –of- the- house operations…

We are continually enhancing
our housekeeping practices
to become more sustainable
and earth-friendly.

We are guided by our
5R transition model:
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Restore.

We have banned
the use of aerosol sprays
and done away with unnecessary chemicals
and minimized the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.

The cleaning of toilet floors
and walls are done with a semi-dry method,
reducing the waste of water
and shortening room make-up time.
Our staff is comfortably attired
in Bermuda shorts and simple tops.
Their uniform helps them
work with more ease and efficiency
and it is also simple to maintain.

Reusable Cloth laundry bags
have eliminated the use of plastics
to pack and move laundry
to and from the washing facility.

Old bath towels
are repurposed as bath mats,
kitchen towels and rags.
Newspapers are reused
as trash bin liners.
Pre-segregated room trash
is directed to the appropriate recycling sites.

Thank you for your patronage.
We commit
to continually greening our practices
here at West Gorordo Hotel.

Enjoy your earth-friendly stay with us!


Sustainable Food Service at West Gorordo Hotel


No napkins,
no straws,
no disposables?
What kind of a cafe is this?

This is the way of things to come…
we are practicing NOW what will be
in the NEAR Future
-a legal and moral requirement
for all food outlets to save the planet.

Hotel Food Service is usually
associated with food waste and trash.
Tissue paper, Styrofoam,
and a host of plastic throwaways:
straws, plastic cups, plastic bottles
fill the trash bins of hotels everyday.

At West Gorordo Hotel,
we have deliberately set up
our food service to minimize,
if not eliminate
throwaway packaging,
and reduce food waste
to practically zero.

Our food service
may seem old-fashioned
with breakable glasses, ceramic plates,
cloth napkins, ‘real’ cutlery
-but these are all meant
to make our service sustainable.

Buffet service
is another generator
of wasted food for most hotels.
Thus, to steer away
from this wasteful practice,
we at West Gorordo Hotel
have adapted a special limited service menu.
We keep our menu simple
and limited
because our location already affords you
easy access to unlimited dining options.
Thus it already seems redundant
to offer you an expanded menu.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…
so at West Gorordo Hotel,
we only offer you local food
so while you’re in Cebu,
you can dine like a Cebuano!!!

We know that once understood,
our practices will no longer be frowned upon
as out of date,
but rather welcomed
and appreciated
as ‘the’ wise choice
to be earth friendly.


Radio Taxi at West Gorordo Hotel


Need a taxi?
Relax at the lobby
while we call one for you…

Guests often complain:
“Why do we have to wait
for the front desk to call a taxi? “
“Why can’t we just hail a cab from the street?”

Here’s the truth:
we are doing you
and our planet
at no Charge..

To ensure your safe trip in Cebu,
we only call accredited radio taxi companies.
FYI: We do not get any commission from this transaction,
this is a pure act of service.

A Service to you…

While waiting for your taxi you have the time:
• to relax in the safety of our lobby
and maintain your composure
before going on your next journey
• to interact with family, friends
and other guests at our shared spaces

A Service to the planet…

Patronizing Radio taxi companies means:
• Taxi drivers do not have to drive around
the city looking for passengers.
They just park at a taxi garage
and wait to be called.

• Benefit to the planet:
Radio taxi = Less burning of fossil fuel
=climate change mitigation
(actions that decrease the potential effects of global warming)

• Benefit to people:
Less cars on the street
= Less Pollution =Healthier people
People move with ease = Happier people

Fitness Corner at West Gorordo Hotel

Fitness Corner at West Gorordo Hotel

OMG, they’re so cheap!

Skipping rope and hula hoop…
Yes, You’re right!
It does not take too much equipment
and effort to be healthy…

Here’s what this fitness corner
doesn’t have:
fancy equipment, membership fees
and expensive exercise gear requirement.

What it does have,
is a promise
that it is easy
to get healthy and fit.
While more and more people
are starting to join gyms
in an effort to lose weight
and get in shape,
this isn’t always necessary–
you can get a great workout
just using a jump rope, hula hoop,
twister, resistance band and set of hand grippers.

Improve both your health and quality of life,
exercise today!
Allow us to share with you
the health benefits of our low-tech,
high effect fitness equipment:

Skipping rope
• results in high calorie burning,
high intensity but low impact work-out
• lengthens, strengthens and tones muscles
• improves cardiovascular system,
prevents heart disease &stroke
• improves endurance, timing and coordination
• gets the brain ready for learning
by increasing the heart rate and amount of nutrients
and blood to the brain
• allows rhythmic pattern
that carries over into reading & language skills
• allows both sides of the brain
to work and perform together

Hula Hoop
• helps burn fat and tones your body
• increases your fitness level
• improves your mood
• improves coordination and flexibility of your spine

Hand Grippers
• Strengthens grip and develops muscle density
of hands, wrist and forearms

• slims down and tones thighs, waist & buttocks
• increases stamina
• ones muscles in upper and lower torso Resistance Bands
• increases spatial awareness and mental alertness

Resistance Bands
• strengthens muscles

What are you waiting for … Come on, let’s get healthy!