Edible Landscaping at West Gorordo Hotel, Cebu, Philippines

Sustainable Land Use,  Edible Landscaping and Food Self-Reliance
Edible Landscaping?
something that is fit to be eaten;
an activity that changes the visible features of an area;
Edible landscaping…
an activity that changes the features of an area,
by adding plants that are fit to be eaten,
especially by humans…
At West Gorordo Hotel,
upon the advice of Joel Lee, our permaculture designer,
we chose to alter our facade 
through edible landscaping.
So, what did we add?
kangkong, peanuts, tomato, lemongrass,
gabi, aloe vera, mint, fern,
bisol, alugbati, okra…
We chose the vegetables that are
endemic to the tropics;
that are easy to maintain;
and simple to prepare…
and be eaten.
You can do this at home, too:
For what reason?
Lots of reasons…
To enjoy fresh home grown fruits and vegetables;
To be in control the quality and types of the pesticides in your food;
To be able to grow heirloom and endemic varieties;
To save on food bills;
To see and interact with nature right in your home;
To shorten the farm to fork distance and 
lessen the burning of fossil fuels;
To exercise and experience what its like to be a food gatherer;
To grow your own medicine…
The reasons are endless.
You don’t need a large space,
to grow your own food,
and start experiencing food self-reliance.
It can be done anywhere,
at schools, offices, churches, city open spaces…
A food revolution right in our cities,
can avert hunger !
We will have no more excuse…
kangkong, aloe vera, fern


tomatoes, gabi, bisol, kangkong

gabi, kangkong

okra, peanuts, gabi