Dr. Madrileña “Madz” de la Cerna

Dr. Madrileña de la Cerna earned her PhD in History major in Philippine Studies at the University of the Philippines and is the director of the Central Visayas Studies Center.

She is an expert on Philippine folklore and has conducted heritage fora, cultural workshops, and cultural mappings.

Furthermore, Dr. de la Cerna has also written Cebuano folk stories and continues to translate books and other forms of literature to Cebuano to take part in the spread of awareness of our rapidly forgotten folklores.


Pierre “Pikoy” Famador

Pierre Famador is a multi-talented Cebuano tattooist, puppeteer, and sculptor.

He also excels in digital art and uses technology and computers as a medium to create matte paintings, animations, illustrations, and character designs.

Pierre’s artwork captures the beauty of the Filipino culture through art whether it may be on paper, skin or canvass.

His masterpieces convey messages to the Filipinos that speak of our identity and of the heritage that binds us to our motherland.

Dominic “Madhu” Asio

Dominic Asio, or “Madhu” as he is known by his Ananda Margi name, is known for his talent in performing Traditional Mindanao music.

Born and raised in Davao, Madhu uses the kulintang and the djembe in expressing his musicality.

He marches to the beat of his own drum and drives away nightmares with his own dreamcatchers.

As Ananda Marga Cebu’s resident artist, he wields his talents towards conserving Mindanao’s local culture and preserving the Filipino identity.