Board Games @ West Gorordo Hotel Community Living Room


Board Games @ the Community Living Room

Spend some time
to cultivate health
and well-being…
for your SANITY!

Board Games + interacting with People
= Health and Well Being

Here are some of the benefits of playing board games:

For kids, teens and families:
• Practice social skills: communicating verbally
• Gain new skills or master skills in strategy games
• Learn to share, wait and turn-take
• Keeps you off the TV and computer
• Spend fun and relaxing quality time together
• Insight to life skills related to winning and losing

For Adults and older people:
• Reduce risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
– playing board games is a good way to challenge your brain
with mentally stimulating leisure activities
• Relieve stress, gain mental balance
• Relax and unwind (for the biz traveller)
• Stress relief and keep mind sharp

Board games offer a great way
to connect and interact with people.

Thus, at West Gorordo Hotel,
we generously provide you
with a wide variety of strategy, chance,
and educational board games
to help you bond with family,
make new friends
and keep your mind
sharp and healthy.

All we ask–
is you return the items to the shelf
– complete and in good condition.
This way,
more guests
will have the chance
to enjoy them.

Happy Playing!

Note to Parents:
Please supervise your children
when using the board games,
so your kids may use them with respect.


Fitness Corner at West Gorordo Hotel

Fitness Corner at West Gorordo Hotel

OMG, they’re so cheap!

Skipping rope and hula hoop…
Yes, You’re right!
It does not take too much equipment
and effort to be healthy…

Here’s what this fitness corner
doesn’t have:
fancy equipment, membership fees
and expensive exercise gear requirement.

What it does have,
is a promise
that it is easy
to get healthy and fit.
While more and more people
are starting to join gyms
in an effort to lose weight
and get in shape,
this isn’t always necessary–
you can get a great workout
just using a jump rope, hula hoop,
twister, resistance band and set of hand grippers.

Improve both your health and quality of life,
exercise today!
Allow us to share with you
the health benefits of our low-tech,
high effect fitness equipment:

Skipping rope
• results in high calorie burning,
high intensity but low impact work-out
• lengthens, strengthens and tones muscles
• improves cardiovascular system,
prevents heart disease &stroke
• improves endurance, timing and coordination
• gets the brain ready for learning
by increasing the heart rate and amount of nutrients
and blood to the brain
• allows rhythmic pattern
that carries over into reading & language skills
• allows both sides of the brain
to work and perform together

Hula Hoop
• helps burn fat and tones your body
• increases your fitness level
• improves your mood
• improves coordination and flexibility of your spine

Hand Grippers
• Strengthens grip and develops muscle density
of hands, wrist and forearms

• slims down and tones thighs, waist & buttocks
• increases stamina
• ones muscles in upper and lower torso Resistance Bands
• increases spatial awareness and mental alertness

Resistance Bands
• strengthens muscles

What are you waiting for … Come on, let’s get healthy!

The Game Table


Can I play?

YES, at West Gorordo Hotel,
you are most welcome to play and for FREE!

promises lots of exercise,
fun and laughter!

Join in the fun,
just remember this is a community space –
here we share and take turns.
Thank you.

Allow us to list the benefits
of playing Foosball:
• Gets you out of your rooms
and away from the TV screens and computers
• Allows participatory games
that bring unconnected people together
• Increases social activity,
interaction and forges social connections
• Provides informal and spontaneous opportunities
to socialize, play and have fun
• Develops/increases mental agility
because it is fast-paced and
forces one to think & react quickly
• Allows physical exertion:
Cardiovascular and Aerobic Work-Out
• Allows you to gain/ master skills
• Provides a mental work-out:
require strategic playing &
problem solving which stimulate the brain
• Triggers laughter (oxygenates the brain)
and provides great entertainment
• Provides a relaxing and collaborative atmosphere
• Alleviates stress

Yes, you get all these for free;
plus, if you play with the other guests –
you will make new friends.
Sweat it out and have loads of fun!!!

You are sure to have fun at the game table
but control the volume of your laughter
as there are other people
sharing this community space with you.

To maintain the quality of the table,
please do not use it as a work or dining table.
Also, please return the balls
in the designated area after playing.