Cebu Ukulele

UKULELERS – two words combine to one ukulele and lover. Our short term for ukulele lover.

Here in West Gorordo Hotel, we encourage the sharing of talents in our Community Spaces. Ukulele Cebu holds monthly workshops in the hotel to teach interested participants how to play songs on the ukulele. They also support West Gorordo’s promotion of cycling through their program: “Bikelele”. Members of Ukelele Cebu ride their bicycles around Cebu carrying their instruments with them to show the linkage between music and a healthy lifestyle…

UKULELE CEBU is looking forward to:

1. Know more ukulele players
2. Gain new friends
3. Meet and jam with fellow members
4. Music Collaboration
5. Share intesrest and likes about music
6. Learn more about Ukulele
7. Discover new talents
8. Share knowledge, news about the industry
9. Opportunity to create Ukulele events
10. Opportunity for merchandise or businesses
11. Recognition all over the local islands and possibly all over the Philippines or worldwide our passion for Ukulele.


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