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Cebu Ukulele

UKULELERS – two words combine to one ukulele and lover. Our short term for ukulele lover.

Here in West Gorordo Hotel, we encourage the sharing of talents in our Community Spaces. Ukulele Cebu holds monthly workshops in the hotel to teach interested participants how to play songs on the ukulele. They also support West Gorordo’s promotion of cycling through their program: “Bikelele”. Members of Ukelele Cebu ride their bicycles around Cebu carrying their instruments with them to show the linkage between music and a healthy lifestyle…

UKULELE CEBU is looking forward to:

1. Know more ukulele players
2. Gain new friends
3. Meet and jam with fellow members
4. Music Collaboration
5. Share intesrest and likes about music
6. Learn more about Ukulele
7. Discover new talents
8. Share knowledge, news about the industry
9. Opportunity to create Ukulele events
10. Opportunity for merchandise or businesses
11. Recognition all over the local islands and possibly all over the Philippines or worldwide our passion for Ukulele.

Corazon Lee

corazon lee

Property Affairs Officer, Mayflower Realty Inc.

110 Gorordo Av, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Phone: +63(32) 231 4347

Permaculture Trainings Completed:

  • Introduction to Permaculture: Mayflower Realty Inc.

    Teacher: Joel Lee

    3 Jun 2012

  • Compressed Permaculture Training

    28-29 Nov 2012

    Don Mertos, Cebu City

Edna Lee

As a teacher, designer and stewarding officer of the trio of green Permaculture-inspired hotels (The Mayflower Inn, West Gorordo Hotel and Elicon House), Edna Lee does not limit the application of her Permaculture trainings to outer appearances but together with the teachings of Buddha, inculcates it into her way of life and the lives of those around her as well. She is the co-founder of the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, a volunteer group advocating for a sustainable, livable and egalitarian community by engaging in a consciousness change that is both regenerative and transformative, applying the ethics of care: caring for the people, the planet and the future. Aside from biking and stewarding the hotels, she also loves spending time in KPAF (Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm) and KGZ (Kamagayan Green Zone), going on sustainable tours around the country, blogging, and doing comedy.




Permaculture Trainings Completed:

  • Compressed 7-day Permaculture Design Certificate Course
    Teacher: Bert Peters
    Feb 2008
    Cabiokid Foundation, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
  • 2-week Permaculture Sustainability Tour
    Kansas, New Mexico (USA), Texas and Juarez (Mexico)
    Sites visited: Eco-villages, Alternative Natural Building Constructions (Straw, bale and Mud), Community-built Children’s Playground, For profit Organizations, Bio-mass factory, At-risk teens leadership camp, Battered women’s center, Play therapy center, Orphanage,
    St. Joseph Foundation, Topeka, Kansas, USA

Lantaw Native Restaurant


The staff of West Gorordo Hotel went on an educational tour for being the Property Achiever for the 2nd quarter of 2014 (Apr-June). After visiting the Taoist Temple and the Rainforest Park, they stopped by Lantaw Native Restaurant in Busay to have lunch.

Taoist Temple

The staff of West Gorordo Hotel went on an educational tour for being the Property Achiever for the 2nd quarter of 2014 (Apr-June). The Taoist Temple was one of the places they visited.