Welcome to West Gorordo Hotel

Welcome !

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.
You may already have noticed
that we operate our hotel
in a non-conventional way.

We are an Essence Hotel.
‘No Frills’ –
that is our promise to you.
West Gorordo Hotel
is a straightforward
and down to earth place
where you can be attuned
to your true self.

Allow us to shed light
on the inspiration behind our practices.

What defines us?

We are…

Family Attuned
Family owned. Family run. Family friendly.

Human Scale
Small Enterprise. Personal Touch.

Certified Bisdak
Truly Local. Truly Special.

Sensible Option
Reliable Quality. Reasonable Pricing.

Permaculture Inspired
Learning from Nature. Partnering with Nature.

Sustainability Driven
People. Planet. Profit.

Why we choose the permaculture way?
Humanity faces a convergence of crises:
deforestation, soil erosion, climate change,
severe weather, flooding, droughts,collapse of farming,
food shortage, water conflicts, mass migration,
oil crisis, collapse of reefs and fish stocks…. The list goes on.
Either we change our ways fast, or perish!

is a simple way of re-designing our life
based on Nature,
so that it can go on and on.
It is a respectful way of living
in harmony with all beings
that share our only planet home-Earth.
It is no longer about saving Nature.
It is about saving ourselves
from the worst that can happen.
Despite the advanced state of the problem,
the crisis can still be reversed.
We need to act NOW.

We at West Gorordo Hotel
recognize the urgency to act,
and choose to be guided by the Permaculture ethics:
Care for Earth Care for Each Other Care for the Future

We are following
a 5R Transition Model
that will bring us closer
to a Permaculture way of life:

During your stay with us,
we invite you
to take notice
of our various eco-features
& cooperate with us
in our eco-practices.

To learn more about permaculture,
check out our info boards and brochures.
Let us act together,
and be part of the solution.



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